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Corporate Laws Secretarial Compliance Management Consulting

The Corporate Laws in India is ever changing and the dynamism is so fast required advisor who can help in timely compliances as well as the business landscape has been fundamentally altered by factors such as globalisation, liberalisation and deregulation coupled with radical innovations and improvements in communication networks and information technology. In this new competitive economy, organisations need advisors capable of offering a broad range of innovative and cost-effective solutions and Aabid & Co provides a wide range of services to meet these requirements. These service offerings have been developed after a detailed understanding and shared knowledge of industries, competitions, laws and regulations.

Aabid & Co, CLCM vertical provides the following key Company Law and Secretarial Compliance services:

  Compliance Management under Companies Act 2013, Rules and Regulations thereunder.

  Compliance Management under Limited Liability Partnership Act (LLP) and Rules Thereunder.

  Filings with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs various eforms.

  Registration of Private or Public Company or Section 8 Company (Non Profit Entity)

  Conversion of Private Company into Public Company and vice versa.

  Shifting of Registered Office of the Company from one State to another;

  Statutory Certification Services under Companies Act, 2013 and LLP Act

  Conversion of a Partnership Firm/ Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) into a Company

  Registration of Foreign Company (Branch office / Liaison office / Project Office) in India

  Petitions before Company Law Board, Regional Director, Registrar of Companies;

  Drafting and Documentation for Board and General Meetings

  Registration of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

  Maintenance of Statutory Records under various Acts

  Consulting Services on Compliance of Companies Act 2013

  Expert Opinion on Companies Act 2013

  Postal Ballot Process and Scrutinizer

  Change of Name of Companies / LLPs

  Change of Objects Clause of Companies / LLPs

  XBRL Filings

  Assistance in Winding up / Closure of Companies in India.

Transaction Advisory Services

With the opening up of the economy, the business enterprises have freedom to expand, diversify, modernize their operations and set up new undertakings. In free economy with lesser restrictions and Government control, an enterprise has to seek its own way through all possible avenues to reach the heights of success. A right strategy is instrumental to the success and growth of an enterprise.

Market forces continue to play their role and the experience and expertise of Aabid & Co always remain in search of opportunities for boosting the factors of various options of Corporate Restructuring. We assist to prepare a viable development plan, muster resources, and identify the right opportunity. Our strategy is based on the objectives, plans, prevailing internal and external economic and business circumstances of an enterprise.

Aabid & Co, Transaction Advisory vertical provides the following key services:

  Mergers & Acquisitions.

  Demerger / Sale / Spin-off’s / Business Transfer.

  Takeover / Hostile Takeover Strategy and Acquisition.

  Public Issues.

  Exit Strategy for Stakeholder.

  Joint Venture Structuring and Negotiation.

  Capital Reduction.

  Corporate Structuring / Business Structuring.

  Corporate Strategic Advisory Services.

Forex Laws Compliance Management and Advisory (FLCM)

In this era of globalisation and industrialisation every corporate aspire to raise fund abroad in the form of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) as well keen establish operation abroad via investment in the form of Overseas Direct Investment (ODI). The ForexLaws Compliance Management is very vital aspect of such enterprise as a minor miss has major consequences.

Aabid & Co, FLCM vertical provides the following key services:

  Compliance Management and Advisory under Foreign Exchange Management Act, Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Finance, Government of India Policies.

  Compliance, Filings and Advisory with respect to the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

  Advisory on followings based on Govt. of India Policy on Foreign Exchange, Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Import & Export Policies (EXIM), Notifications, Circulars, Guidelines issued by Reserve Bank of India from time to time.

  Preparation &filing of Form FC-GPR with the RBI through AD and Annual Return regarding Foreign Assets &Liabilities (FLA) and Annual Performance Report (APR) filings.

  Advisory on making application to Govt. of India (FIPB or concerned Ministries) or Regulatory Authorities (RBI) for Projects, Company Formation, Technology Transfers etc.

  Compliance and Advisory Services on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

  Establishment of Branch, Liaison Office, Representative Office in India

  Issue of Certificates for Issue/Allotment of shares to Non Resident Indian under FDI Route

  Advisory on Entry strategies into India

  Compliance & Advisory on Overseas Direct Investment (ODI)

  Establishment of Wholly Owned Subsidiary in India and outside India

  Registration of Company outside India

  Remuneration to Foreign Technicians &Foreign Directors

  Royalty related matters.

  Compounding under Forex Laws with the RBI.

  Compliance, Consultancy & Advisory on Forex & Overseas Transactions.

Fund Raising / Financial Advisory Services

Every enterprise needs fund at various stage of its growth. The funding requirement could be a balance of debt and equity or structured, depending on situation. To meet all the above objectives, Corporates need reliable advise that consider the entire spectrum of key challenges involved that is in capital market strategy, working out the best options to raise funds from various sources and enhance overall value.

We at Aabid & Co support our Clients in their capital market strategy and fund raising initiatives by providing all-round support and handhold the entire process. Our network of service partners i.e. Bankers, Merchant bankers, HNIs and Investor groups enable us to provide a quick turnaround time throughout the engagement.

To support the fund raising initiatives, our team prepares relevant financial model, Information Memorandum, engage in negotiations with prospective Stakeholders and help decision- making process to obtain optimal funding from the best possible source.

  Seed Funding / Startup Funding.

  Private Equity / Venture Capital Fund Raising.

  Project Finance and Term Loan.

  External Commercial Borrowings

  Loan Against Property (LAP).

  Working Capital Loan

  Bill Discounting / Factoring

  Structured Finance

  Debt Syndication

  Debt Restructuring / Settlement

  Equity Placement / Sale

  MSME Financing

  Foreign Currency Loans

  Outright Sale / Fund Raising

  Advice on Business Plan or Projections

  Preparing CMA Data / Information Memorandum (IM)

  Advice on FIIs, QIPs and Private Equity

  Investment Structuring and Compliance

  Financial Engineering .

Risk & Advisory Services

The right framework of risk management is crucial for the management of an enterprise which enables the strategic team to exploit the business opportunities.

Aabid & Co, team provides strong support to clients on risk advisory Services covering the areas:

  Regulatory Inspections.

  Management Audit.

  Process Validation.

  Revenue Validation.

  Internal Audit.

  Corporate Governance Implementation.

  Advisory Board Formation.

  Fraud Investigation and Risk Assessments.

  Forensic Audit.

  Continuous Control Monitoring.

Legal Consulting

The Legal Consulting covers areas of Litigation and Non-Litigation advisory services on various commercial laws, taxation laws, drafting, legal documentations etc.

Aabid & Co, Legal Consulting vertical provides the following key services:

  Drafting of Shareholder Agreement (SHA) / Share Subscription Agreements (SSA) / Share Purchase Agreements etc.

  Drafting of Shareholders Agreement for Foreign Joint Ventures

  Drafting of Articles of Association for Foreign JV Companies

  Drafting of Technology Transfer Agreement with Foreign Companies

  Drafting/Vetting of various Agreements like Royalty Agreements, Licensing Agreements etc.

  Drafting of Gift Deeds, Partnership Agreements, Memorandum of Understanding, Sale-Deed etc.

  Drafting and negotiation of transaction agreements

  Documentation for the Fund Raising

  Drafting and Vetting of Non-Disclosure Agreements

  Issuing Legal Opinions on Corporate and Commercial Law matters

  Consulting and Documentation on Arbitration, Banking, Anti-Trust, Real Estate and Finance Laws.

  Non Litigation Services on All Laws as Applicable in India

  Consultancy and Advisory Services on Commercial Laws and allied Legal matters

Taxation – Domestic and International

Our in-depth understanding of industry verticals such as investment funds, e-commerce, business process outsourcing, media and entertainment, banking and insurance, infrastructure, real-estate and hospitality, bio technology and life sciences enable us to anticipate and target tax issues in advance. Managing tax complexity to maximise value is a key consideration of every major business enterprise.

Team Aabid & Co with backing of strong resources create value to clients with best advisory on taxation matters.

Aabid & Co, Taxation Advisory Services vertical provides the following key services:

  Tax Strategy, Compliance & Advisory

  International Tax Structuring & International Tax Litigation

  Structuring Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions

  Cross Boarder Taxation

  Transfer Pricing M&A Taxation Advisory

  M&A Taxation Advisory

  Corporate Tax Management, Compliance and Filings

  Direct Taxes Compliance and Filings

  Indirect Taxes and Filings

  Multi State Vat – Compliance and Filings

  Service Tax Compliance and Filings

  Tax Controversy Management

  Tax Litigation and Advisory

  Taxation of Goods and Services

  Seeking Advance Rulings

  Expatriate Services

  Value Chain Tax Management

  Tax Dispute Resolution (TDR)

  Impact Analysis of General Anti Avoidance Regulations Seeking Advance Rulings

  Analysis of Specific Domestic and International Transaction and Advisory

  Issues relating to Treaty interpretation such characterization of income and Permanent Establishment (PE) concerns

ESOP Management

The retention of top performing employees and talent is first motto of any enterprise. ESOP is the best tool to retain talent in the organisation.

Team Aabid & Co best strategize of the organisation on the ESOP front.

  ESOP / ESOS Compliance and Filings

  Scheme Planning / Designing / Documentation

  ESOP Implementation / Employee Communication

  ESOP Accounting and Valuation

  ESOP Trust Formation, Compliance and Filings

  ESOP Listings and Compliance

  ESOP Taxation Compliance, Filings and Advisory

Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFC) Advisory

The importance of Non-Banking Finance Companies in the financial inclusion of the India has increased tremendous. The NBFC sector is now the backbone of financing support to the growth of the business enterprise in India.

Our in depth understanding of NBFC Sector on compliance and structure front help client in value creation and enhance business growth of business houses.

  Registration with the RBI

  Compliance and Filings

  Acquisition and Sale of an NBFC

  Strategy and Advisory on NBFC Takeover and Sale

  Documentation and Representation Services

Securities and Capital Market Advisory

Capital market is backbone of an enterprise for fund raising. Corporates need investor funds at various stages. The best strategy on fund raising helps corporates to raise fund at lower cost which maximises value of stakeholders. The fast growing companies seeks to monetize and commercialise their ideas. Apart from the above the funds are required for acquisition, expansion of operations, consolidation of promoter holdings.

We help our client in best strategizing on raising of funds with our best services.

  Listing of Securities - Equity or Debt Instrument

  Co-ordination and Submission of Certificate relating to Transfer-cum-Demat of Shares as required under NSDL / CDSL Bye laws

  Preparation of Annual Report incorporating the necessary requirements of Clause 49 of Corporate Governance

  Compliance and filings of under Securities and Exchange Board of India (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulations, 2011

  Compliance and Filings under Securities and Exchange Board of India (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015

  Advising on various SEBI Regulations like SEBI Takeover Code, SEBI Insider Trading Regulations, SEBI (ICDR) Regulations, 2009, SEBI Portfolio Managers Regulations, SEBI Broker Regulations with respect to IPO, Public Issue, Right Issue, Bonus Issue, Preferential Allotment, QIP, Delisting etc.

  Assisting in Delisting of Companies from Stock Exchanges under SEBI (De-listing of Equity Shares) Regulations, 2009.

  Compliance and filings under Listing Agreements with the Exchanges

  SME Listings

  Payment of Annual Listing fees

  Issue of Certificates under the Listing Agreements

  Monthly Submission of Details of Dematerialization of Securities

  Compliance, Management and filings of Open Offer of Listed Entities

  QIP / Preferential Allotment / Buy Back Compliance and QIP Placement

  Direct Listing of Securities on the Exchange

  Issue and Compliance Management of FCCBs / ADRs / GDRs

  Revocation of suspension of trading of securities of the Company from the Exchange.

  Assisting in obtaining various regulatory approvals from SEBI / BSE / NSE

  Assistance and Compliance and Managing IPO / FPO / Pre IPO placement of Securities

Investment Baking

Aabid & Co aspire to be the leading trusted advisor and financier to our clients. The vision of the Investment Banking Team is to advice best in class advice and execution excellence on the most complex transactions across industry in order to help our clients to grow.

  Advisory on Buy Side of the Transaction

  Advisory on Sale Side of the Transaction

  Risk Management Consulting

  Equity and Debt Capital Market Services

  Structure of the Transaction

  India Entry and Exit Strategies

  Globalisation of Indian Enterprise abroad

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Consulting

In today’s ecommerce and technology era the Intellectual Property (IPR) Assets are backbone of an enterprise as well as it has immense value. The protection of the IPR is the most important aspect of operation of an enterprise.

The threat of copying and passing off IPR is increasing day by day require best strategy on protection of IPR from various aspects.

Aabid & Co, IPR Advisory vertical provides the following key services:

  Registrations for Trademark, Designs, Copy rights and Patents

  Security, Protection and Enforcement of IPR

  Opposition to conflicting Marks, Passing-off, Infringements etc.

  Documentation including assignments, Sell-Off of IPR

  Consultancy &Advisory Services on IPR related matters

Valuation &Business Modelling Services

Many times corporate require valuation services, the right valuation help better negotiation in case of acquisition or dilution of holdings of the enterprise. The valuation business is very important from the point of view of raising of funds, regulatory reporting and taxation aspect etc. We have combination of experts to best value an enterprise considering various parameters as per requirements of the clients as well as regulatory filing aspect.

Our business modelling services provides to structure the best business model such that to bring higher valuation

Aabid & Co, Valuation Advisory vertical provides the following key services:

  Enterprise Valuation / Business Valuation

  Acquisition &Investment Valuation

  M&A Valuation &Swap Ration

  Fairness Opinion on the transaction

  Tax Valuation

  Asset Valuation &Intangible Valuation

  Valuation for Regulatory Reporting

  Build / Review of Financial Models

  IFRS Valuation

  Intellectual Property (IPR) valuation

  Securities Valuation

  Valuation for the issue of Securities to Non-Residents under Discounted Cash Flow Method (DCF) and other methods

Regulatory / Representation / Settlements Services (RRS)

Every business requiresregulatory approvals / representation with various Government agencies as well as various statutory and quasi statutory bodies from time to time. Corporate require many time to settle the issues raised by regulator under formal route of settlement.

Aabid & RRS Advisory vertical provides the Regulatory / Representation / Settlements Services (RRS)

  Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)

  Stock Exchanges, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT)

  Competition Commission of India (CCI)

  Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) and Enforcement Directorate

  District Court, Tribunals, High Court and Supreme Court

  Tax Authorities including Commissioner (Appeals) and ITAT

  Registrar and Intellectual Property Appellate Board

  Professional assistance in Investigation Management and Compounding with the Authorities

  Company Law Board (CLB) and BIFR

  Tax Settlement Commission

  Representing clients before the Dispute Resolution Authority for matters relating to international taxation.

  Representing clients before the Authority for Advance Ruling and the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal.

  Representing clients before the High Courts and the Supreme Court of India and briefing senior counsels where required.

Assurance and Due Diligence

The increasing compliance in India focused our strategy to continuous support our clients on various Diligence and Assurance Services.

Our assurance team has huge experience in providing;

  Internal Audit Services

  Legal &Business Due Diligence

  Financial Due Diligence

  Taxation Due Diligence

  Due Diligence on Mergers &Acquisitions

  Independent Review of Financial Statements

  Restatement of Accounts

  Translation of Accounts under Indian GAAP, IFRS and US GAAP

  Independent Opinion on Accounting matters

  Labour Audit

  Management Assurance Services

  Periodic and Specific Compliance Audits

  Stock Broker Compliance Audit under Securities & Capital Market Laws

  Bank Due Diligence Audit

  Statutory audit under Companies Act, 2013

  Tax Audit under Income Tax Act, 1961

Competition Law Advisory (CLA)

Today every country in the world has competition law which allows for healthy competition in business and curbs monopoly.

Our CLA vertical provides best services covering various following areas

  Strategic Advice on Competition Law Issues

  Review and Vetting of documentation in view of Competition Laws Applicability

  Competition Law Applications and Filings

  Regulatory and Litigation Advisory on Competition Law

HR Consulting

Our Human Resources Law (Employment and Labour) practice provides advice and assistance on legal, tax and regulatory issues in connection with workforce management. In the Indian context, employment law includes a plethora of central (federal) and state specific employment statutes, administrative regulations as well as judicial decisions. Applicability of the statutes is contingent on multiple factors including the industry, nature of work done by the employees, strength of the workforce, remuneration, duration of service, etc.

Having witnessed the growth of new age industries and radical shifts in work culture and workforce management techniques, we have acquired expertise in addressing the challenges faced by organisations in complying with applicable laws.

  Employment Strategy and Documentation

  Middle and Top Management Personnel Recruitment

  Company Policies and Employee Handbook

  Labour Law Advisory

  Employee Benefits and Compensation Structures

  Employment Termination Advisory

  Employee Transfer

  HR Audit (Legal)

  Employment Litigation Advisory

Non Banking Finance Companies (NBFC)

Registration of NBFC companies with Reserve Bank of India (RBI)


Compliances of deposit taking and non deposit taking NBFC companies


Due diligence of NBFC Companies relating to various corporate compliances Consultancy, compliances for takeover and acquisition of NBFC Companies To provide services for takeover and sale of NBFC Companies Laisoning with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for the matters relating to NBFC Appearing before Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on any regulatory requirnment for the NBFC Company.


Taxation, accounts & finance Accounts - Taxation

  •   Maintenance and update of the accounting records of the Company

      Manage and provide services for employees' pay roll

      Payment of Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) to the Departmen

      Preparation and filing of quarterly TDS returns with the departments

      Payment of advance Income Tax and payment of the final taxation of the Company

      Preparation and filing of annual Income tax returns with the departments

      Co-ordinate and Support the tax and statutory auditors for the audit of the Company

  •   Service Tax

      Payment of service tax with the department

      Preparation and filing of service tax returns with the departments

      Correspondence with the department on service tax issues

  •   Legal

      Drafting of shareholders agreements / share purchase agreements

      Drafting of Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) relating to the share transfer / joint ventures

      Drafting of joint venture agreement

      Drafting Business transfer agreements

      Labour laws compliances and audits

  •   Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)

      Preparation and filing of various forms / returns required under the provisions of the Act

      Issue of Company Secretary Certificate as and when required

      Liasoning with the Reserve Bank of India

      Opening of Liaison / Branch Office in India and abroad

      Compliance and approvals under Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India

      Consultancy and advisory service under FDI policy of the Government of India

  •   Shops & Establishment Act

      To register the Company office address under the Maharashtra Shops & Establishment Act

      To look after the various compliances as required under the provisions of the Act

      To keep the register and records and update the same as required under the provisions of the Act

L L P - A C T

  • A corporate business vehicle that enables professional expertise and entrepreneurial initiative to combine and operate in flexible, innovative and efficient manner, providing benefits of limited liability while allowing its members the flexibility for organizing their internal structure as a partnership.

    We indulge in providing services of various aspects of LLP:





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